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Injured in a Car Accident? Call Now to Speak to a Car Wreck Lawyer Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Car Accident AttorneyGetting in an auto accident can be devastating, especially when there are injuries and financial burdens involved. Negligent motorists endanger, injure, and take the lives of drivers across California each year. It typically leaves victims and their families with significant damages. Whether the accident was major or minor it requires full legal representation for total compensation.

A car injury attorney has the experience and knowledge to do what is necessary to successfully represent you and ensure your future well-being. If you suffered injuries in the surrounding Los Angeles metro area, it is in your best interest to consult with a Sherman Oaks injury lawyer to review your case. At Okhovat Law Firm, we offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless we win!

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

A lawyer that specializes in personal injuries knows the ins and outs of tort law. This encompasses all litigation for car accident injuries that are due to the other driver’s negligence. The main goal of a car injury attorney is to seek monetary compensation for you to help alleviate any costs incurred as a result of the accident. In addition, we are here to handle the legal stresses that come after an accident so you can focus on recovering.

Here are some of the ways a car accident attorney can help you:

  1. An attorney that is well-versed in California law will explain and help you fully understand the law and your rights. Each state has different personal injury statutes. Your legal team will help you become familiar with state laws that impact your case.
  2. Acts as a source for legal advice. Your auto accident lawyer will assist you in navigating the complex legal procedures. They interpret terminology that legal and medical documents will discuss. Your legal team will also organize a large number of documents that are involved in legal cases. You will receive objective opinions to aid your case to successfully move in the right direction. Having legal support is very valuable, especially when facing an injury.
  3. You are represented in court. It is common for most cases to be settled outside of court. In the case that the insurance company does not pay the claim, it may be appropriate to file a civil lawsuit. Litigation is a job for a legal expert. It calls for full compliance with legal procedures, documentation, and rules of evidence.

There are several other ways a car crash lawyer can help, including:

  • Negotiate and communicate with insurance companies and other parties involved.
  • Gather thorough photographic evidence of the car, the accident scene, and your bodily injuries.
  • Process and file all your legal forms.
  • Connect you with trusted medical providers.
  • Assess damages and calculate all expenses that you have now and will face in the future.
  • Put resources to work to conduct professional investigations.

Top 4 Most Common Injuries After a Car Accident

Head and Neck Injuries
Head and neck injuries are quite common, especially after rear-end collisions. When the vehicle behind you collides into your bumper, it is likely you’ll suffer from whiplash, minor concussions, or in severe cases a traumatic brain injury. Internal and external head damage requires immediate medical attention.

Spinal Damage
Rollover accidents, head-on collisions, and single-car accidents have one injury in common – spinal damage. The spine is the literal backbone of your body. It transmits signals from your brain to other parts of your body. It can be quite expensive to treat, in addition to:

  • Herniated discs
  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Lumbar damage

Facial Injuries
These damages are usually overlooked. Upon impact your head might collide with the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or airbag. Compensation is likely to reflect:

  • Bruises
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Damage to teeth
  • Broken jaw

Internal Injuries
Motor vehicle accidents can severely injure your internal organs. Damages to your liver, lungs, heart, spleen, and kidneys are just a few common injuries. Make sure to go to the hospital immediately for a full medical assessment.

Types of Compensation You May Seek for Your Damages

A great advantage of hiring a legal expert to cover your case, instead of negotiating with the insurance company on your own, is that you’ll recover for more damages than you anticipate. Insurance companies are designed to pay the base minimum for your case. They will not advise you nor educate you about all the possible damages you could recover.

It is important to remember that not all injuries appear immediately after the accident. Symptoms might arise days to weeks later if you experienced whiplash, for example. As long as you have medical documentation detailing how the accident has affected you, we can begin the claims process against the insurance company.

Sherman Oaks Car Accident Attorney

Your physical injuries are not the only costs to consider. You also have to think about lost wages and the lost opportunities due to this whole situation. “Pain and suffering” is a type of damage that is often disregarded but very useful as you’re trying to piece your life back together.

Definition of Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Claim

In the legal world, pain and suffering cover all injuries and damages the victim experienced because of the negligence of the liable driver. It refers to physical injuries, emotional distress, psychological injuries, and medical complications caused by the accident. It has the potential to impair your normal functions, quality of life, and missed opportunities both in your personal and professional career.

Bodily injuries can cause more than just physical turmoil. There are emotional and mental conditions that are part of the healing journey. Examples of these ailments are:

  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Disturbances in sleep
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • A possibly shorter life span
  • Feelings of anguish and embarrassment

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If you are in need of an experienced car accident lawyer in Sherman Oaks to handle your case, our team will be there every step of the way until you fully return to normal life the best you can. Your job is to take care of your well-being and leave the legal complexities to your legal support system. Contact us today for a free consultation to get the help you need and deserve.

Related Articles About Car Accidents

Steps to Take After A Car Accident
More than six million car accidents happen in the U.S. yearly. Accidents can happen to even the most cautionary drivers. When a fender bender or severe collision does take place, it can leave everyone involved shaken up, shocked and anxious. The first thing you should do after an auto accident is keep calm. For drivers that are unaware of the next steps, we composed a list of vital steps to take to protect themselves. Knowing what to do after an accident is crucial.

Rotator Cuff Tears Can Be Caused by A Car Accident
Car accidents cause minor, moderate, or life-threatening injuries. A rotator cuff consists of the four muscles and tendons around your shoulder joint. However, sustained injuries can prevent your shoulder from having a full range of motion. Rotator cuff tears may not be as frequent as common injuries like concussions or broken bones but they can put your life on hold. In most cases, insurance companies dismiss rotator cuff injuries because it happens less often. If you find yourself dealing with a torn rotator cuff following a rear-end accident, you will need substantial compensation while you recuperate.

Damages That Are Recoverable for Car Accidents
When an accident takes place, victims are burdened with emergency medical treatment costs, a spike in insurance, loss of income, among other incidentals. Despite one’s best interest to negotiate with insurance companies to gain compensation, victims seldom get an offer when they go at it alone. Additionally, there are several damages to claim, which you may be unaware of. A dedicated attorney will assess how much your case is worth during a consultation. From there, they will determine which damages to include for a reasonable financial settlement, such as:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Consortium

Criminal vs. Civil Consequences of Pedestrian-Car Accidents

Car-pedestrian accidents can result in civil and criminal penalties. In most cases, victims primarily face civil disputes. That means they seek compensation for damages caused due to the accident. A civil lawsuit may be brought up only in situations where the driver is proven to be at-fault for the accident. Depending on the evidence, a court can also rule the following criminal charges: hit and run, DUI, vehicular homicide, or manslaughter. The specific details of the case determine if the driver faces criminal and/or civil consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

How do the courts determine fault in car accidents?
Fault is determined by many factors, starting with the police report made by the responding officer on the day of the accident. The police officer will get statements from both drivers as well as any witnesses. The court will also assess property damage, medical reports, and signs of negligence that contributed to the accident.

Is the rear car always liable in a rear-ending accident?
A rear-ending accident is pretty straightforward when determining fault; since the rear driver failed to stop, they are liable for the collision. Sometimes the courts will determine that the driver in the front was negligent, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash.

“Brake checking” is when the front driver deliberately slams on their brakes when they notice someone following too closely. Stopping for no apparent reason like that means your attorney has a strong argument that the front driver is liable for the accident. In a California court of law, a driver who brake checks will be partially responsible for the damages.

Do I have to notify the police if I’m in an accident?
It’s always a good idea to get the police involved if you’re in an accident for official documentation of what happened. Otherwise, it will be the opposing driver’s word against yours if they choose to come after you with a lawsuit. Keep in mind that failure to report an accident within 24 hours to law enforcement or your insurance agency can result in fines and penalties.

What do I do if I hit a wild animal?
Sometimes animals run out in front of oncoming cars, making it almost impossible to safely avoid hitting them. In the event that you hit a wild animal, protocol depends on the size of the animal.

You are required by law to report the accident to the police if you hit a large animal such as a dog, bear, deer, or other livestock. Calling the police will allow you to get help managing the accident and get in touch with animal control.