OSHA Reports Shockingly High Injury Rates at Amazon

While Amazon is the largest employer in the United States, it also ranks highest for the number of injuries its employees suffer on the job. Amazon has been showing higher numbers of serious work-related accidents since 2017, and these are just the injuries that were so serious employees had to miss work or be shifted [...]


What to Do if Your Uber or Lyft Gets In a Car Accident

When you order a Lyft or Uber ride, you expect to stay on your phone the whole time or have a friendly chat with the driver. When the unexpected happens and your rideshare gets into an accident, you are going to be stressed and confused. Uber and Lyft instruct their drivers in post-accident care, including [...]


Pedestrian Car Accidents: Could the Pedestrian Be at Fault?

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, they are going to be much more injured than the person who was driving. This combined with the old adage “the pedestrian always has the right of way” makes many people think that a pedestrian who was hit by a car is never at fault. However, our [...]


Death Toll in Miami’s Surfside Condo Collapse Rises to 28

A Miami-area apartment complex has made headlines in the past few weeks after a portion of it collapsed, crushing those below. The death toll has climbed to 28, although 117 are still missing. “I'm in awe of the men and women of the use our task force teams who've been continuing to brave, dangerous, dangerous [...]


Families of Frito-Lay Employees Suing Company for Wrongful Death

Multiple Jackson families are suing the chip company Frito-Lay over what they see as wrongful and preventable deaths to their family members who were employed at the Jackson plant. Frito-Lay is a huge corporation and has employed hundreds of people over its decades in the food and beverage industry. Family members claim that many employees [...]


How Can Wearing a Helmet Affect Your Injury Claim?

There are numerous studies showing how wearing a helmet is important to staying safe on your motorcycle ride. Any Sherman Oaks motorcycle crash lawyer can tell you that crashing your bike is likely going to cause an injury or two, so it’s important to try to proactively protect yourself by wearing safety equipment. Wearing a [...]


4 Most Common Vehicle Accident Injuries

According to research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over three million people are injured in motor vehicle collisions each year. The scary thing about car accidents is that injuries vary greatly. The injuries that result vary from crash to crash and are dependent on the severity and the person. There are [...]