Premises Liability in Bars and Restaurants

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Suing a Bar or Restaurant for Injuries

Premises Liability in Bars and Restaurants

You go out to a bar or restaurant to have fun and to enjoy yourself. You assume that all maintenance and safety concerns have been dealt with, but this assumption can quickly be proven incorrect if you wind up getting injured.

Common instances where you can sue for if they occurred in a bar or restaurant include:

  • Slip and fall on an unclean surface
  • Injuries on uneven pavement in the parking lot
  • Injuries from a bar fight with an overserved patron
  • Muggings in a poorly lit or monitored parking lot

Premises Liability Lawsuits in California

If you got injured while at a bar or restaurant, you can sue the owner for your injuries through the doctrine of premises liability. Premises liability gives regular citizens the ability to hold business owners liable for any injuries that occur on their land.

Owners are expected to spend the time, effort, and money to conduct regular safety inspections on their premises so that any hazards are identified. Then, they must put up a notice, like a sign, to warn others of the potential risk to their safety. If this is not done and that hazard injures a guest or customer, then that person can hire a premises liability lawyer to file a lawsuit.

When a Night Out Goes Wrong

Restaurant owners are responsible for keeping their property safe, from patron behavior to safe premises in the parking lot and bathrooms.

Not only are bartenders supposed to stop serving belligerent patrons in an effort to prevent drunk driving accidents, but it’s also a matter of safety. A drunk person can become aggressive at the drop of a hat. If someone’s tab shows six or seven cocktails and they hit you inside the bar, you can charge the bar for over serving or failing to kick them out.

Another common situation our Sherman Oaks accident injury attorneys see is parking lot injuries. You may trip on uneven pavement in a poorly lit parking lot. You can also sue for a sexual assault or mugging that happens in a dark parking lot with no security cameras.

All of the above matters are security concerns.

In addition to security concerns in bars and restaurants, there are also maintenance issues that can lead to injuries. If you slip on some spilled drink and get a concussion, you can hold them liable for the mountain of medical bills you will have. You can also sue them if you injure yourself on rickety stairs with no railing or exposed wires. The owner of the property is supposed to keep a safe area that guests can have fun in without worrying about their safety.

Filing Your Premises Liability Lawsuit

If you find yourself a casualty of your local bar or restaurant’s negligence, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact local attorneys for premises liability claims because they understand the law and can get you compensated.

As a patron of a bar or restaurant, you are owed the highest possible standard of care. In legal terms, you are known as what’s called an invitee because the owner has opened the business to the public, and they are encouraged to enter through open doors and signage.

Your journey to compensation for your slip and fall at someone else’s business starts with documenting what happened. Your premises liability attorney in Sherman Oaks, or where you file your lawsuit, will have to show the courts how exactly you got hurt and if the same thing could have happened to the average passerby.

Regardless of whether or not the premises owner was aware of the danger, they could be seen as negligent because a careful owner would know of any hazards on their property and make efforts to keep people safe.

Hiring an Attorney

Sadly, premises liability accidents are something our bodily injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks has had to deal with multiple times because landowners think they can get away with poorly maintained buildings.

If you or a loved one was injured because of a land owner’s negligence, you can file for compensation. Reach out to a property injury lawyer at our Sherman Oaks office to start your claim. We will work around the clock to make sure you are taken care of and that you get the maximum settlement possible.

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