Most Common Injuries Claimed in Truck Accidents

Most Common Injuries Claimed in Truck Accidents2021-06-28T06:39:32+00:00

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Most Common Injuries Claimed in Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are much more injurious than car accidents, as trucks are heavier and harder to control. Anyone who has passed a truck accident can see the carnage that results from a truck colliding with another object.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over three million people are injured each year in traffic collisions, and trucking accidents can be some of the most fatal. Our truck injury attorney in Sherman Oaks can tell you about the various truck accident injury clients we’ve helped, and how life-changing an accident with a trucker can be if you survive. Not everyone makes it out of a truck accident alive, as 69% of fatal roadway accidents are truck-related, and the victims’ families must file wrongful death suits to pay for their funeral expenses.

Sherman Oaks lawyers for truck accidents divide injuries that result from traffic accidents into two types:

  • Impact injuries: These are injuries to your body that occur after it collides with another object. While you may not be bleeding on the outside, your internal organs, such as your intestines, muscles, and brain, may be suffering.
  • Penetrating injuries: Penetrating injuries are ones that pierce the skin, like cuts and scrapes. Metal debris, shattered glass, or loose objects flying inside the car upon impact can often result in penetrating injuries.

Within these two categories of injury is a long list of more specific injuries that your doctor will be able to diagnose you with after a thorough medical exam. Always agree to be checked out by a medical professional after an accident, even if you feel fine. Some injuries may not be noticeable right away but still require immediate medical attention.

The amount of compensation you receive after an accident is dependent on the severity of the injury. Certain areas of your body are more prone to long-lasting complications if they are damaged in an accident, such as your brain and hearing. While not all of these injuries are labeled as severe, here are the most common injuries that truck accident lawyers in Sherman Oaks see.

Soft Tissue Injuries

While it’s not a ruptured organ or broken bone, soft tissue strains resulting from car accidents can be very severe. A soft tissue injury affects the body’s connective tissue, which means muscles, ligaments, and tendons. While soft tissue injuries can take many forms, the most common is whiplash.

Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement that strains the neck and upper back muscles. This is a kind of sprain that occurs because the muscles cannot naturally move in that fashion, so they are injured from the impact.

Whiplash is not often felt right away, as it takes a bit for the pain to set in, but once it does, it will be chronic. Physical therapists and massage therapists can often help the muscles heal, but many people who experience whiplash in an accident suffer from years.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Just like whiplash, a sudden movement can severely injure your spinal cord. Your vertebrae, discs, nerves, and muscles are a complicated structure, and the smallest injury can result in debilitating pain or limitations to movement.

A herniated disc occurs when the material between each disc in the spinal column is damaged and affects adjacent nerves. Herniated discs are extremely painful, and those who suffer from this condition try to move as little as possible, as the spine’s central location requires its participation for nearly every movement.

With the incredible force of impact from a tractor trailer colliding with your car, it’s possible you experience a complete spinal cord injury. Complete spinal cord injuries can cause partial or total-body paralysis.

Head Injuries

When you are hit by a tractor trailer, your head can collide with the window, steering wheel, or ceiling from your car. An impact can cause external scrapes or bruising, and it can also cause internal brain damage.

If you suffer brain trauma in a car accident, fluid and tissue inside the skull are affected. Even a concussion can quickly develop into a more serious issue, so you should let emergency medical professionals at the scene know if you hit your head.


Semi-trucks can transport dangerous chemicals and other flammable materials. These trucks should have a flammable warning on the side so that other vehicles know to exercise additional caution when driving close by. Even if the truck was not carrying flammable liquids, the fuel from the fuel tank can cause an explosion should it come into contact with fire.

A fiery car accident can result in severe burns to your skin ranging from first to fourth-degree burns. Burns can cause disfigurement and limitations in mobility, and almost all serious burns will require more than one surgery to graft or treat. If you suffer a loss of enjoyment or consortium as a result of the accident, this can be added on as an additional damage the liable party must pay for.


A truck weighing several tons can easily crush the strong metal surrounding your car. In catastrophic accidents, you may not be able to escape your car if it’s folded and crushed. In the worst-case scenario, first responders may have to amputate one of your limbs to free you from the vehicle. It’s also possible that one of your limbs is so damaged that doctors decide an amputation is the best way to get you the best quality of life possible.

An amputation will affect you for the rest of your life, and you will also need to purchase a specially fitted prosthetic. Because of this, the truck driver in your semi truck accident in Sherman Oaks will need to compensate all of your future follow-up medical visits.

Our accident injury attorney in Sherman Oaks sees a variety of injuries that result from tractor trailer collisions. You may have several different injuries on your own body, so it’s important that your Sherman Oaks accident attorney takes the time to meet with your doctor to get an idea of your current and future medical bills.

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